Sunday, April 21, 2013

Topic 9: Financial Market

  The most attractive financial asset to me right now is stocks. It is one of the easiest way to make money in this world we live in today. Not just any amount of money, big cash( Just kidding). I would like to invest in this financial asset right now because it seemed to be something with quite a promising future in the near future, of course I am aware of the risks I am taking from buying stocks, however, my youthful naive bliss kept me ignorant of that fact. If I were a hard working adult, however, I would probably also be interested in pension because I would want to live a good life after I retire. It would be ridiculous to work hard all the way through life, there had to at least be a time where I get to take some time off. I might also be interested in purchasing a variety of bonds simply because it pays me to keep my own money safe, what more could I ask for? Of course, there is a risk I am taking for...lets say, if my country goes bankrupt or something. Yet I figured that I would probably go bankrupt before my country does, so...yeah. The percentages for my financial asset when I was young would probably differ from the financial asset when I was older. I would always have to have a  portion of my asset as stock to fight inflation and a portion saved and stocked in a sweet little place so I don't turn around one day and find myself penniless. When I become twenty ~thirty, I would probably invest 30% in stocks, 50% in bonds, and 20% in pension. When I get older, I'll probably change that percentage to invest 10% in stocks, 60% in bonds, and 30% in pension. You might be wondering...hmm...30% in stocks isn't a lot. Well, I guess I am not so naively youthful and blissful after all :P

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