Sunday, March 31, 2013

Journal 5- A new Phone?

The reason Nokia decided to develop Mobile TV is because the revenues for other technological development such as voice call  ceased to amuse. Therefore, the company had to look into other fields where it is possible for expansion. 
The reason that cell phone producers include so many functions into the individual cell phones is probably because they hope that the convincer or at least one of the unique features of the cellphone will outshine their competitors and ultimately attract a lot of customers. As the cell phone market becomes more and more competetive, this trend should be here to stay. 
The manufactures are more likely to offer ifferentiated products in the new market because the new market is more flexible to bend whereas the old market is more accustomed to a certain type of way of living. For example, the older generation could barely text while the younger generatio demanded a phone that have voice options. 
I think what would make a cell phone useful is extremely subjective to personal opinion. To me, what would make a cell phone useful is the ability to call and take calls. To other people, not necessarily so. Features that to me would be useful but is nto currently available might be an automatic message chair that can pop out of my cell phone at my request. Of course, this example is just to demonstrate my point on how subjective this matter is. My perfect cell phone would probably have everything that the current market has developed: voice command, camera...etc. EVERYTHING. The features owuldbe ifferent from other phones because it has EVERYTHING, therefore, containing functuons that other phones don’t have. These features would appeal to users because it would be extremely convinenet. 

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