Sunday, March 31, 2013

Topic 7: Change the Future

  Growing up I have gone through many changes. In first grade my family first moved to livein Jupai instead of in downtown Hsinchu. My brother and I had to adapt to a whole new neighborhood and make new friends. At sixth grade I transferred from a local school to PAS, which is an american school. I again, had to adapt to the new environment , culture, and language. Then on to high school, I adapted to increasing pressure and workload. 
  Many more changes await me. Graduating high school and going on to college will be a huge change. I will have to leave my native homeland and go to another country as a foreigner and strive my very best to adapt to America. After I graduate from college I would have to get used to becoming totally independent and accept the fact that I am no longer a student and needed to support myself all on my own. I would need to find a job and I would need to take on many responsibilities that I can only imagine at my current age. There should be many works available in the future after I graduate from college, many requiring a large amount of creativity and less of physical capacity. The future employment environment I predict will be more comfortable then today because as youngsters we grew up under an education system that teaches advocacy of the mind. I am sure that no employee in the future will hold back their thoughts on how to improve their working conditions and wages, therefore, making the working environment more comfortable. 

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