Friday, May 3, 2013

Journal Topic 11: Unemployment

  Jobs more resistant to unemployment are jobs necessary to full fill our everyday life necessities. Those jobs also have to happen to be somewhat exclusive, meaning that not everyone can do it if they wanted to right away. Examples of these jobs are medical personnels and government officials. Both of these positions require a depth of knowledge and leadership skill and passion in order to be done well that is not easily replaceable but also constantly needed by society.
  I am not quite sure of the job I would like to have in the future, but if I do have to name a potential job I would like in the future, I'd say a doctor. I believe this profession, as does all profession in medicine, is more resistant to unemployment compared to others because no matter what happens, people will always need a doctor. It doesn't matter if the economy is booming or slowing down, there will always be people sick and in need of medical attention. This has some influence on why I would like to become a doctor, but that is not the main reason why. Although it is good to have a stable job, the most important thing is to be passionate and love what you do. Always and forever.

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