Friday, May 10, 2013

Journal Topic 12: Role of the Government

  I think that the purpose of government is to bring law and order or to put it in simple terms, govern. And sometimes to do that means setting rules and limiting people from doing whatever it is that they wanted to do. I like the way most capitalist governments operate their economies so far. It is the persuit of the lasaiz-faire principle where government does not have regular control over the market system, and also combined with a very limited amount of government interference that is brought forward to stabilize the economy.
  Taxes collected should be able to stimulate or cool of an economy if that were to be the best for the country's long term economy. The Federal Reserve bank should try to manipulat einterest rates at times to achieve the same goals. The reason? There needs to be a rock in this economy of ours but yet being so meant making a huge sacrifice of not making a profit. The government, it turns out, is the only organization with the will and capability to do so. A lot of times government regulations end up hurting the richest people in the United States, but non-government regulations will hurt most americans. OF course, the role of the government also includes basic things such as keeping their very own people safe. However, I do believe that since the economy is such an important indicator of the people's well-being, the government is in a way responsible for it.

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