Friday, May 24, 2013

Journal Topic 14: My Future as an Economist

  Throughout the course of economics I have learned the basic broad concepts of micro ecnomics and macro-ecnomics from supply and demand all the way to the federal reserve. For the most part I found the materials discussed in the book quite interesting because it is cool to learn about the hows and whys of our economy, and how and why we are able to live the way we do today. Economics I learned in this class a portion of it might be useful to me in the future. I might be able to apply the knowledge I gained on stocks and taxes and supply and demand in the future. If I ever do decide to study eoconomics in the future, this will definitely be helpful.
  I am not quite sure as to what my college major will be but I am pretty sure I would like to take AP Micr/Macro economics. I find myself liking microeconomics better, which is surprising because I always thought macroeconomics would interest me more.
  Economics we learned this year is a lot of terminlogy. IN other courses I've taken, terminology is important, but not the central point of the subject. IN rudimentary economics, it turned out it is. THat is quite surprising.

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